Sunday, May 18, 2014

Stuttgart Frühlingsfestival.

Stuttgart Spring Festival is an annual fair that takes place in the German city of Stuttgart between the middle of April and the beginning of May. The festival takes place on the Cannstatter Wasen, traditional fairgrounds in Stuttgart's Bad Cannstatt district. It is the largest spring festival in Europe.

So my friends and I decided to go there;

My friends and I; apparently we stand according to our height, Ops!

Some of the rides that were there:

I think they were super cool, super massive! I can't imagine how they build them up and dismantle afterward.

During this kind of festival there is no something like day ticket, so the rides were pretty expensive. But you don't have to queue, there were not many people went for a ride. I'm not sure if the Germans were being stingy or don't know how to have fun or... they're just interested in the Beer. 
There were tons of Beer/Brew house - really traditionally beautiful but we didn't get in. We didn't intend to. Maybe next time.

This one we rode twice; the second time was when it was raining.

There were lots of food stands too;

We ate smoke Salmon and Salat, then we found Halal Currywurst - one of german food that I'm approved! 

My friend also bought this bread, I didn't have the picture tho. It was delish. Have to buy it.
And what a festival without Cotton Candy, right?!

We went there on Saturday, it was suppose to have hot air ballons event but I guess because the rain started to pour, it got canceled. But we have an amazing day!

A tip: usually the last day of festival, there will be firework.