Monday, October 20, 2014

Holi Festival of Colours Mannheim 2014

Masa bagitahu orang tentang Holi festival, ini mereka punya reaksi tipikal. 

A: Holi Festival? 
B: Tak haram ka pergi?
A: Dude, come on. Holi Festival is not Holy.

"Terkejut" juga orang tak tahu tentang Holi Festival ni, sedangkan kita ada orang india dia Malaysia. Bollywood pun masih terkenal.

Holi adalah satu festival musim bunga yang juga dikenali sebagai festival warna atau festival cinta (Festival of Colours/Festival of Love). 

It is an ancient Hindu religious festival which has become popular with non-Hindus in many parts of South Asia, as well as people of other communities outside Asia. It is primarily observed in India, Nepal, and other regions of the world with significant populations of Hindus or people of Indian origin. The festival has, in recent times, spread to parts of Europe and North America as a spring celebration of love, frolic, and colours,

Negara lain yang menganjurkan Holi Festival ini bukan meraikan perayaan ini, tetapi mengambil konsep Holi Festival yang membaling tepung warna-warni. Holi festival bukan sahaja dilakukan pada musim bunga (no such restriction) di negara luar. Ia budaya dari luar yang diubah konsep dari berkaitan dengan Tuhan kepada untuk berseronok. Contoh yang mengambil konsep ini adalah "The Colour Run", berseronok dan menyihatkan.

Cukuplah Info tu, aku harap anda "get the picture". Tetapi aku pergi festival ini bulan 8, Syahirah balik, Rahmah sibuk, Fara pula jauh nun di sana, Mannheimers pun sibuk (ada bercuti), lagipun mereka tak minat benda begini. Jadi aku ambil keputusan untuk pergi seorang diriYES! ALONE!

Cuak juga, tapi pergi concert seorang diri dan pergi Holi festival ada dalam bucket list aku. So, Double checked! 

Aku beli tiket yang paling murah. Dia ada 3 jenis Tiket, tapi bukan untuk dapat tempat duduk yang best atau sebagainya, cuma anda dapat barangan lebih seperti T-shirt putih, 5 warna Tepung dll. Aku beli yang murah sebab aku tak perlu tepung banyak-banyak sebab aku takdak kawan nak main bersama. Pathetic?

Festival mula pukul 3 petang (boleh masuk pukul 12) hingga pukul 10 malam.

Masa nak masuk, boleh dia nak check ID aku. Aku nampak macam tak cukup umur ka apa?! Hari tu cuaca bagus. Tengah hari agak panas memandangkan memang hujan selalu bulan 8 tu. 

Masa festival ada countdown baling tepung setiap sejam. Oh situ ada juga booth makanan dan minuman. Anda juga boleh beli t-shirt dan tepung. Dan semua jenis pembelian dilakukan menggunakan coupun. Toilet pun tersedia, air juga disediakan untuk bersihkan diri.

Oh lupa nak cakap, aku rasa aku agak menonjol masa di Festival sebab aku sesorang dan I'm freaking Asian! Ada la juga yang perasan aku seorang diri, mereka "tumb up". Haha 

Dah petang sikit, makin mendung dan hujan. Best hujan, tapi sejuk gila.

Walaupun Hujan, the party was still ON!

My favourite picture.

Lepas hujan, terjadilah pelangi! Double rainbows pula tu. Cantik ja diatas pentas. Memang hari penuh warna!

Lepas hujan tu, mentari keluar kembali. Bagus sebab dapat keringkan baju. Basah-basah sejuk ja bila angin tiup. Brrr.

Sini seperti biasa the Germans drink, a lots! Jadi masa aku lepak sesorang ada seorang lelaki tegur, dia nampak okay dan dia ajak sertai kawan-kawan dia. Aku pun ikut. Kawan-kawan dia okay cuma seorang saja yang mabuk tahap. 

Never again I'll talk to a drunk! They're not listening to you anyway. 
But I got a free cola, which was nice.

Aku balik awal, pukul 7 malam macam tu. Orang pun dah ramai balik masa tu, aku ingat malam lagi meriah. I was wrong. Mungkin sebab dah basah, orang ambil keputusan balik awal.

Baju kotor, beg kotor, semua kotor! Tetapi sangat berbaloi. 

Nasib baik aku ada baju putih untuk dikotorkan.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Rock im Park Pointers

I already post about my experience. In this post I want to give some pointers or tips for fellow first timer out there.

1. Bring all your camping essentials. But don't worry so much if you forgot to bring them but it's convinient to do so.

2. Bring your cash. There is ATM but it will cost you 5 Euro for withdrawal like any other convinient ATM here in Germany.

3. Wear your comfortable shoes!

4. Eventhough it's summerly hot, bring your Jacket/Sweater. It can be really cold at night.

5. Bring juice carton/bag bottle so similar because plastic bottle or can is not allowed. You need water to keep you hydrate.

6. Bring Duct tape so you can be creative with that juice carton.

Like this, so it's easier to carry.

7. Bring poncho incase of raining.

8. Don't talk to drunk people. They are not really talking nor listening to you. They are DRUNK!

9. Camera is not allowed but phone is. So yeah. Or just leave your camera/phone and enjoy.

10. Bring bottles of water. You can refill your water at the toilet every now and then because the water is drinking water basicly. Hey your choice.

11. Don't forget to tidy up your camp site and Pfand (garbage-deposit). You'll get like 10 Euro back. It's a lots.

12. Be early for your favourite band or you'll be far away. And please don't push unpolitely just so you can be in the front while others were there early.

13. Be friendly because music is meant to be enjoy together. Don't be self-absorbed and neglect people around you who also want to have as much as fun as you are.

Yeah my pointers and tips are not so much of a tips or so but this is from what I saw and my struggled when I was there. I hope it is helpful.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rock im Park 2014

The Experience.

Hi, I went to Rock im Park again this year. It was my second time, I thought I won't go there again because at first it was just be like a once in a life time experience. But heyy it was so awesome. 
In this post I'm just going to write about my experience. There are so much to tell.

This year I think the crowd was a little different; different bands attact different crowd, right?
Here are some of the bands list:
Center Stage (Rock am Ring)
Friday, 6Saturday, 7Sunday, 8Monday, 9

Oh, yes it was 4 days of festival! And this list is just at the center stage, it has 2 other stages Alterna Stage and Club Stage. Lots more bands. 

I was more excited for Linkin Park; I've been a fan since I was in elementary School. Maybe I should dedicated a post to them.

5th Jun, Thursday

My journey began on the night of Thursday since I only have 1 class on Friday. I took the bus because it's way cheaper. 5 hours journey only for 11€, but you have to purchase it a week early. The bus express is not like in Malaysia, it's a 4 seats bus. Not as exclusive as in Malaysia but hey, it has wifi, toilet, foods and drinks. The safety features are comforting. 

6th Jun, Friday.

That night I stayed at my friends' house - Nad and Pika. The next morning I went to Haupbahnhof (Main station) to meet with my partner in crime, Fara. Then we went to Zeppelinfeld to set up our tent. Yes, a tent! You can camp there. It's  the cheapest option and you can get the whole festival vibe.

Entrance to the stages.
Nice Job for 2 girls who's not into camping eyy?!

Fara's tent is missing a piece when she bought it. It's the cover on the top, so we improvised - that's what engineers do. I used strings to attach it; got some incouragement from people who walked by. Thanks.

From the inside; surprisingly beautiful. Haha
The result of it; looked funny but it protected us. Survival beb!
BBQ Asian style. Ramen for lunch.
We used a disposable Grill; very usedful and easy to use. 

After all the set up, we went out to buy some foods. Then we went to watch Avenged Sevenfold. They were great, it was bad that they wasn't the main band performing. Since we're late, we didn't get so closed to them. But an Indian (I think he's Indians, didn't have the chance to ask) offered his back. Of course I didn't reject it, it was about 2-3 songs, Thank you! 

Since I'm short, I got lots of pity faces during this festival. *sigh*

This photo has a bad angle. but Heyy!

View from on his shoulder; it was awesome.

After A7x was Matellica. I saw some people who bought a one day ticket. Must be their biggest fan! Those day ticket is uberexpensive. I wasn't a Matellica fan, but maybe I'll listen to them someday. 

We went in front but during the beginning of the perfomance we were squish; Metallica fans were huge! Luckily some of the gentlemen were trying to protect us, and 2 guys were care enough to lift us up so that we can escape. (yeah! we crowd surfed-a short one that was). Then we just watched Metallica from the back; I remembered saw an old lady with her husband. It was romantic!

Sorry, I didn't get the chance when we're in front. Here's from afar.

From daylight to night.

Balloons! To hype things up.

Rock ON!

After Matellica, we went to this bar/stall for some redbull! They made an artificial beach, it was kinda neat. This one guy approach us, Sebastian and we hung out with his friend, Eric (I think that is their name). They tried hard to speak English with us, I appreciate that. But both of them a little bit drunk, so a little bit weird. We went to the club stage, since that was the only stage that was still performing: Klangkarussell. Fara and I are not into techo, electro or such, so we excused ourselve.

Ignore the huge thighs.
Romance is in the Air.

On the first night, it was hard for us to go to sleep. It was fucking cold, thought it was fucking hot in the day. The ground was so hard-uncomfortable indeed. Camping, right?! People were blasting their Boombox and getting drunk till like 4-5 a.m. The morning (7-9 a.m.) was more calm than night. 

7th Jun, Saturday.

Oh my God! This gonna be boring. I don't have any pictures for this day. I forgot that I didn't bring along my phone because I thought I'll just enjoy the music and enviroment, ya know. My Bad...

I woke up and went for a shower. It cost 2.50€ for a shower and 50 cent for toilet. I tell you it worth the money. The line was pretty long. Some couple showered together, guess it helped shorten the line. After freshed up, we ate some food. 

Then our tent neighbour approach us. He talked auf Deutsch at first but then he lost us, so he talked in English. He made a small talk and asked us to go with him and his friends. Since on this day, we didn't know much most of the band-just Kings of Leon. So we agreed.

His name is Simon and his friend is Aaron (uncertainty for their name-excuse my bad memories). We went for two bands Awolnation and Gogol BordelloGogol Bordello is a Gypsy punk band. It was fun; their music were great. Their fans were dancing, it was very enjoyable. I've never listen to this kind of music but i give the thumbs up. 
Thanks, Simon for invited us to join along.

After that they went back to the campsite but Fara and I stayed. We were relaxing under the tree. 

These pictures weren't taken this day but you'll get the picture. 

'Belanja sikit.' Hah!
Security check at the entrance

A space where people can sit and enjoy the sun.

Then we went to the Main Stage for Kings of Leon. We were kinda at the front. As we enjoyed the music an Israelian talked to us. Well, mostly with Fara. His name is Shahiq (some kind like that). We had some fun taking pictures for each other. He offered to lift us up but it was too late.

Then we went to Alterna Stage for Nine Inch Nails; their performace was great but we cannot go inside the front stage so we didn't feel that much hype. 

8th Jun, Sunday.

We woke up early because we decided not to camp there that night. Our neighbour camper nice enough to asked us "what's going on?". But yeah we hope we'll se each other again but we won't. 

(It's has been months I have postpone this post, so there were details that I've already forgot)
But I'll always remeber him as a very muscular guy. Gut aussehend.

We went to Nad & Pika's house, have a bath and we went back that evening for Fall Out Boy and The Pretty Reckless. 

Fall Out Boy
The Pretty Reckless
He wore Power Ranger outfit.

Fara remembered some Fall Out Boy's new songs. She sung them with a fanatic stranger. (Alles war gut) The main event for that day was Linkin Park. Linkin Park had been my ultimate band growing up. Before Linkin Park perfomed, Die Fantastischen Vier perfomed. I learned later on that they are pretty famous among Deutschen.

Die Fantastischen Vier

Since I'm a big fan, I'm gonna go wild with Linkin Park Photos. Plus their lighting were awesome. No caption needed!

My most favourite picture

This was the last night we hung out there, so I took some pictures. Just to show how it was at night. Nothing special really.

9th Jun, Monday

Haha, as usual when we stay at comfortable home, we'll be lazy as 'eff'. So we went there again in the evening. Plus we didn't think we would be interested to watch others band, just Iron Maiden! I don't regret it. They were awesome, the crowd was awesome Balls!

They have so many fans of all Ages.

This is the path we walked to go to the stage. Au Natural

I'll go wild on this too because we surely enjoyed our last day! Crowd Surfed for one last time and I got a back ride from a very tough body builder name Frank. Actually he asked me to send him the pictures that I took but I had not send him any. (sort of busy, yikes!) Sorry not so sorry?

Oh I forgot, I got another ride on the back from an Uncle. I assume because he looked like in his 40s, really cool strong uncle. He was the sweetest! I think it's because I look kinda friendly that people were offering me their back or I rather looked pathetic for being short. Either way it is an advantage.

I don't remember much about our way back home, but we didn't get to 'pfand' our garbage since we didn't bring our garbage plastic bag. It was about 5 Euro each, so that was a waste.

Lastly, for Rock lovers out there, Rock im Park is for you. Or maybe Rock am Ring. I think they are equally the Balls.