Monday, October 13, 2014

Rock im Park Pointers

I already post about my experience. In this post I want to give some pointers or tips for fellow first timer out there.

1. Bring all your camping essentials. But don't worry so much if you forgot to bring them but it's convinient to do so.

2. Bring your cash. There is ATM but it will cost you 5 Euro for withdrawal like any other convinient ATM here in Germany.

3. Wear your comfortable shoes!

4. Eventhough it's summerly hot, bring your Jacket/Sweater. It can be really cold at night.

5. Bring juice carton/bag bottle so similar because plastic bottle or can is not allowed. You need water to keep you hydrate.

6. Bring Duct tape so you can be creative with that juice carton.

Like this, so it's easier to carry.

7. Bring poncho incase of raining.

8. Don't talk to drunk people. They are not really talking nor listening to you. They are DRUNK!

9. Camera is not allowed but phone is. So yeah. Or just leave your camera/phone and enjoy.

10. Bring bottles of water. You can refill your water at the toilet every now and then because the water is drinking water basicly. Hey your choice.

11. Don't forget to tidy up your camp site and Pfand (garbage-deposit). You'll get like 10 Euro back. It's a lots.

12. Be early for your favourite band or you'll be far away. And please don't push unpolitely just so you can be in the front while others were there early.

13. Be friendly because music is meant to be enjoy together. Don't be self-absorbed and neglect people around you who also want to have as much as fun as you are.

Yeah my pointers and tips are not so much of a tips or so but this is from what I saw and my struggled when I was there. I hope it is helpful.

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