Saturday, November 8, 2014

An Awesome Person and a Great friend


usually in our life, we are bound to read or heard about an amazing person, achieved so much greatness, do what beyond our limit. As we read/heard about it, we were impress and a little jealous.

But here, right now, I can also feel PROUD! A friend of mine from school achieved something only a few can get - Anugerah Pelajaran Diraja Majlis Raja-raja. It was not a shock. Since I knew her in school, I knew, umm I mean we knew she will achieve many success in her life.

She is a person who appreciate knowledge. She would not give up if she didn't understand something. She will keep studying, she will give her 100% effort. But with all of the busyness to gain knowledge of the world, she never forget to put her head on the ground and bow to Allah. 

She is humble in her ways. Never tired to put on a smile. She may sometimes seem quiet, you'll feel afraid to approach her but she will be the nicest person you will talk with. Gentle. A lovable person, you can never find a reason to hate her.

She's a good friend. She loves her friends. She will help them with what she can, she will listen to their rants/complains with patience. 

The last time I met her was during Raya. I visited her house. It was my first time there. Glad that I did because we got to eat cake! I wish I can talk more with her.

For me, even if I wish to the moon and stars, I could never be like her. Ich bin total Gegenteil von ihrem. 

I guess, I have time in my hand. I dedicate this post to her even though I know she will never read this. I hope I did justice on this post.

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