Wednesday, November 26, 2014

[Thin Line] Proud

adjective: proud; comparative adjective: prouder; superlative adjective: proudest

1. feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one's own achievements, qualities, or possessions or those of someone with whom one is closely associated.
"a proud grandma of three boys"

synonyms: pleased (with), glad (about/at), happy (about/at/with), delighted (about/at/with), joyful (at), overjoyed (at/over), thrilled (at/about/by/with), well pleased (with), satisfied (with), gratified (at),content (at), appreciative (of)
"Moira was a delight to her proud parents"

antonyms: ashamed

*(of an event, achievement, etc.) causing someone to feel proud.
"we have a proud history of innovation"

synonyms: pleasing, gratifying, satisfying, fulfilling, rewarding, cheering, heart-warming; More

antonyms: shameful

2. having or showing a high or excessively high opinion of oneself or one's importance.
"he was a proud, arrogant man"

*conscious of one's own dignity.
"I was too proud to go home"

synonyms: arrogant, conceited, vain, self-important, full of oneself, narcissistic,egotistical, puffed up, jumped-up, boastful, smug, complacent,disdainful, condescending, pretentious, scornful, supercilious,snobbish, imperious, pompous, overbearing, bumptious, lordly,presumptuous, overweening, haughty, high and mighty, high-handed; More

antonyms: modest, humble

*imposing; splendid.
"bulrushes emerge tall and proud from the middle of the pond"

synonyms: magnificent, splendid, resplendent, grand, noble, stately, imposing,dignified, distinguished, august, illustrious, striking, impressive,majestic, glorious, sumptuous, marvellous, awe-inspiring, awesome,monumental, palatial, statuesque, heroic;

antonyms: unimpressive

slightly projecting from a surface.
"balls standing proud of the fabric"

synonyms: projecting, sticking out/up, jutting, jutting out, protruding, prominent,raised, convex, elevated
"fill the holes slightly proud to allow for sanding smooth"

antonyms: concave, flush

denoting flesh that has grown round a healing wound with excessive granulation of the tissues.


So there it is, the definition of Proud. Why do I post the definition, aren't we all know what it mean? Well, my dear readers, sometimes we forget the real meaning of things. And I love searching and reading a definition of words.

What about the thin line in proud? As you can see the definition in no. 1 and 2. For no. 1 it is something positive while for no. 2 it is something negative. This is where the thin line lies. 

People can often mistake no. 1 as no. 2. Or as what I see in my society (in Malaysia), people are so afraid to be proud of themselves - individually. Proud of others/in communities/country/race are not the problem but to be proud of themselves, they are afraid to seem arrogant, conceited, vain, self-important, egotistical and boastful. Which in my opinion is a bad thing.

We should be proud of our achievements, of our abilities even if they are not a huge achievement compare to other but we deserve to be proud, we deserve to celebrate them. It will raise our confidence, our self-esteem and self worth which I find it lack in the society.

We have students who achieve A's but afraid to tell people about it. I find it disturbing. I think it's better for people to just share it. It gives more advantages. Like in this situation:

A: Hey, how much you got for this paper?
B: Oh, I got an A. You?
A: Congrats. I got C.
B: Hey, I can help you if you want.
A: Sure. After class?
B: No problem. 

See? For me this is not arrogant. Humble as it is. 

You want to see the "normal" conversation?

A: Hey, how much you got for this paper?
B: Naa, not that high. You?
A: I got C.
B: Oh, you can do better next time.

Why the conversation end this way? Because A didn't know how good B was to ask for help, and B was afraid to offer help because B did't want to seem boastful.

I never encounter this situation before but it always bother me when I was in high school. Knowing other people grade wasn't my obsession but it's a good motivator. I like to know how other people did, so I can ask them the question that I got wrong and I can improve myself.

But I didn't usually got the answer or simply got the answer "sikit ja, tak banyak pun etc". This irritated me. So I knew who I can ask and who I can't. The people who wasn't in the top of the class were more open about it. And yeah this people were more confident. 

Oh, please don't tell me you didn't tell me your grade because you were trying to be humble because I personally think it's selfish! YES, SELFISH!

Being humble doesn't mean you can't be proud and being proud doesn't mean you're arrogant. You must know this thin line, you must know the limit of humbleness and prideful. 

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