Wednesday, November 26, 2014

[Thin Line] Sins

plural noun: sins

1. an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.
"a sin in the eyes of God"

synonyms: immoral act, wrong, wrongdoing, act of evil/wickedness,transgression, crime, offence, misdeed, misdemeanour, error, lapse,fall from grace; More

antonyms: virtue, good

2. an act regarded as a serious or regrettable fault, offence, or omission.
"he committed the unforgivable sin of refusing to give interviews"

synonyms: scandal, crime, disgrace, outrage
"the way they spend money—it's a sin"

3rd person present: sins
1. commit a sin.
"I sinned and brought shame down on us"

synonyms: commit a sin, offend against God, commit an offence, transgress, do wrong, commit a crime, break the law, misbehave, go astray, stray from the straight and narrow, go wrong, fall from grace;
archaic trespass
"I sinned and brought down shame on us"

2. offend against (God, a person, or a principle).
"Lord, we have sinned against you"


Sins. We all done it. We are all a sinner, undoubted. We are human, not doing mistakes or sins apparently aren't in our nature but the Almighty will always forgive us if we ask for forgiveness. Ain't that great?

Anyway, I'm not going to write about sins, type of sins etc. I want to write what have been bothering my mind this past few weeks due to a friend said something which blew my mind.

This friend, A is a good person. A reacts like most of people I know, at least more honest about it. A has a good romantic relationship. In Islam it is a sin to be on romantic relationship without marriage. 

I'm not here to preach people who are in romantic relationship. Heck, I don't give an F. Just don't show shove your romantic relationship in my face i.e post status about your significant other in Facebook, Twitter etc. Keep it in your pants or bras! (just to clear up about my stand here)

Yes, A! A is just an example, I know many other who are like A but I don't have a concrete example or proof, at least the one that I remember. So... 

The conversation was like:
A: You know, I'm not that kind of person. Yes I have my special one but I didn't let that person touch me. We didn't even hold hands.

What A said was, wow. If in Islam romantic relationship is a sin, I see A is no better than other people who are dating. What 'wow' is, A has the heart to say that. It sort of said that people who hold hands are bad people. Oh wait. A did say that.

Other than this people do keep comparing sins - dosa besar, dosa kecil. 
Hey, a sin is a sin! Big or small. We are neither better nor more saint than another. We are a SINNER. If we realise this, we would treat each other better.
No discrimination, eyy?

Oh another example: 
She wears hijab but behave badly. Hijab is a Must, it's a sin to not wear Hijab. (This is always on Twitter)

Then to behave badly and being disrespectful to others is not a Must? I personally consider both as a sin, but should we compare? Do people who wear hijab but behave badly is better than the one who do not but have good behavior?

It's depends on how you see it. For me, no. Maybe because I like to believe each of us will be awarded Heaven when we're dead, regardless how many sins we made. The possibility is always there, right?

Or maybe I'm just a bigger sinner than all of the people I know. Oh, hell....

My conclusion is, just focus on yourselves. What is bad about you, how can you change yourselves to be a better person etc. Then you may learn more about yourselves.

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