Monday, December 22, 2014

Weihnachtsmarkt in Ladenburg

It's that season of the year again - Christmas! Thus Christmas markets are everywhere. Foods and Drinks. What is not to love about Christmas Market? The lights, people throw me off. It remind me of Pasar Malam but a little more fancy. No, I mean Christmasy. 

Christmas Market is Weihnachtsmarkt in Germans.
Thus this year, we sort of trying to go to different Christmas Market. I live in Mannheim, so obviously I went to Mannheim Weihnachtsmarkt, then I went to the closest cities like Heidelberg, Ludwigshafen and Ladenburg.

The unique about Ladenburg is that, it is not a big city. I love it. I think it's underrated. And here I want to mention that Karl Benz used to live there. One thing that make me love Ladenburg because it is a small town. It has that old buildings back from 1800s, I think. You can call it a romantic town. It also have some restaurants which I think are beautiful and have that sense of Germans. Never tried one tho but I will.

Since it is not a big city, the Christmas market is only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hey, you have to go if it just open on specific day in a month. Other than that I think I can feel the Germans that night because I cannot see other race there. Which was scary at first but people don't mind you. They were having fun and so do we!

During this season the famous drink is Gl├╝hwein. It's a hot alcohol, if I'm not mistaken. So we as a person who don't drink alcohol can drink Kinderpunch. I'm not sure about the ingredients but I think it's made from fruits and positively no alcohol. It's for kids. But no worries, there is also hot coffee and chocolate. 

Oh I have to mention this. Every time you buy a drink, you have to pay for the mug/cup. It cost about 1-3€ depends on places. Ladenburg was the cheapest which cost 1€ from what I know. After you drink and if you didn't want more. You can return the mug/cup and get you money back or you can just keep the mug/cup as a souvenir. It usually print the name of the city on the mug/cup. 

The foods I would say, cliche. Crepe, Waffle, Wurst, Bread, Potatoes (Fried fries, pancake etc.) You can have this any other day, nothing specials. Just maybe more easier to obtain during this season. 

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