Friday, February 13, 2015

Heidelberg Zoo

Heidelberg Zoo is a zoo in Germany which was founded in 1933 and opened for the public at 20th of November 1934.

So on 22 November we decided to go there. Well, Nad was in town and she had come here like a bizillon times so we want to do something different. Actually it's me, I wanted to hold animals and be with nature for a while. Hey, it's the first zoo I visited in Germany.
(excuse for the unchronological blog-I'm a lazy blogger)

Here's the link to the Zoo website:

When we went there, there were some construction. Nothing Major, just the polar bear area. Yes Polar Bear! I can cross that off my bucket-animal-list.

Seal Lions show
There's one sea lion bigger than a Motorcycle!

There are several feeding times such as Lions and tigers,  Porcupine,  Racoons,  Pelicane, Gorillas and elephants. You can see the schedule  on the website. But we only manage to see the Sea Lions show. We went there early so by the noon we went out for lunch. Thus we missed the others feeding times.

We saw Meerkat. Love this animal because of Timon and Pumba. (Shout out to The Lion King!) And there are some animals from Southeast Asia.

Picture taken by a kind Mak Cik

Meerkat and Hedgehog. I don't know Hedgehog could be so cute like a cat. Believe me behind those thorns, it's super cute. It followed the person who collected its poops. So adorable.

There are lions: They are just being lazy!

There are a section just for birds, ducks etc. They are not cage! It was great to see the interaction of this birds in one habitat. Oh but they do have this big Eagle. It is in a cage (alone) and it's massive. I think it's 3 to 4 times bigger than we have in Langkawi. 

It's a beautiful male duck!

Here's a freaking Alpaca! Cross that one, tho I want to see their cousin Llama. This animal is really shy but they do have style. I love how their fur cover their head, it's like Harry Style's hair.

Then we went to this Apes section. They have Orang Utan! Unfortunately this Orang Utan weren't originally from Borneo. They were born and raise in Germany. I thought we can relate to each other as being far from home. There were 3, one male and two female. I remember one name Puan.

Chimpanzee, one of the smartest among the Apes. And this one I took picture with, masturbated in front of me. So much of being polite!  

Finally, we found the petting zoo. I was excited. There were chickens in it too. Unfortunately I cannot catch any of it! But I do get to pet some goats. This remind me so much of my kampung. 

Aku dan Kambing buat same facial expression. :D

We also found a wild cat running around the zoo. From my experience, I will give 3/5 because of the construction. Anyway it's a nice zoo. Great for children and there are playground too.

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