Wednesday, May 20, 2015

[Nude] Relationship, Freak out!

Relationship is something people always went thru when they were a teenager and relationships get serious when they are adult (let say 20ish).

Personally I have never been in a relationship and I think I have never been in love. Even if I have a crush on someone, I'll brush it off easily. To some people it's tragic. But for some, I know you get me.

Lately since I'm in my early 20s, my friends and colleagues are always constantly talk about relationship and marriage. They shared some of their stories and problems in relationship. From what I get from this stories is that most of the relationship is lack of honesty and trust. Not trying to find their flaws, maybe because I keep comparing with my sort of "ideal" relationship. 

Even if I called it "ideal", I genuinely think that honesty play an important role in a relationship. Some of my friends are scared to tell their significant other about how they really feel and what they do. They are so scared that their significant other would leave them if they tell the truth.

Well, honey. If your partner cannot accept/tolerate your flaws, is it worth the relationship and lies? Even if your partner get mad at you for telling the truth, sulking for days, it is what you have to deal with, both partner.One have to learn to accept and one maybe try to change. With the truth you will learn more about each other, hence increase your trust for each other. An open conversation is the key!

Heyyy, what do I know, right?

Okay, but still there is nothing to be freak out - people keep secrets all the time. 
NO! with all the stories and people I known who are in relationship, I beg to differ. Maybe because I can't live with lies, especially with people I love.

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