Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Coimetrophobia is having the fear of cemeteries, while coimetrophile is the opposite.

I'm not obsess with cemetery but I do like them.
My reason is simple, it's peaceful.

Doesn't matter if it's Jew, Christians, Muslim etc. And I find them beautiful, the details that they put for the dead. Some grave is just mark by a stone, some has a big statue above them.

It also make me wonder about the dead. What was their life like? My mind often wonder when I visit cemeteries. So much stories untold.

Besides, cemeteries are well connected with religion. Every time I pass or visit a cemetery, it always reminds me of God. Warm and Comforting.
Funny. It's the same feeling I have when I visit mosque and other worship places.

I never have the fear of cemetery. I don't know what to be scare of. Cemetery has never gave me the goosebumps. Beside my grandmother house lay a small cemetery, about 1 meter near. I used to play there with my cousin. We would jump around, tried not to step on any of the grave or a ghost will haunt us! Muahahahahahh...

I'm a freaking weirdo.

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